Knowledge Cross Road

As some of you may recall, I’m currently pursuing my executive master’s degree at the Stern of School Business, New York University. It was sort of last minute decision, but overall experience is quite positive so far. We have class every the other months and meet in New York, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam.

Given format of classes is designed for working professional whose average age is early-mid forties with 15+ years of professional experiences. It is practical but also it has good academic balance. Top-notch finance faculty such as Ed Altman and Robert Engle are good examples who bring academic rigor to the class.

I am currently reading bankruptcy and reorganization cases to prepare for our 3rd module that starts in a week in New York. Quite scary as in it is right after Franken-storm Hurricane Sandy. Though, I’m already looking forward to mingling with cohorts who have come from 20 some countries. We’ve already become good friends.

We learn things from everywhere and everyone. Though, it’s great idea to pick something in a more structured way at such a vibrant venue where professional and academic knowledge meets and creates impact.

Noble Ambition


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