Capire Micropower, an engine-on-a-chip

We have everything but enough power supply for enhanced mobility. Capire Micropower, a startup that manufactures an engine-on-a-chip power supply could be an answer. founder, Aaron Patzer, has made angel investment to Capire. Read following article on NYT at


Great entrepreneurs never sell…

Every single business activity we handle daily basis is always involved with some sorts of sales. To a great extent, persuasion is very similar with sales. I love entrepreneurs who are great marketers and natural sales men. One of senior executives working at Sun told me the other day “great sales men never sell.” Great entrepreneurs never get rude or over-sell. Though. They can still make other people to change and make a move.

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King Sejong and the 5/5/10 rule

King Sejong is the most innovative king of Chosun dynasty, who pioneered a number of practical creations such as Hangeul, Korean alphabets. King Sejong was a hard-working man. He was under a very tight schedule, so-called “5/5/10” rule, spending 5 hours for sleep, 5 hours for study, and 10 hours for work. That way he was able to achieve so many great things even if he had such a big job to run his kingdom.

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