Buy iPad Mini @ 2:00 AM?

Recent trip to New York City was fruitful. Hurricane Sandy, snow storm, Presidential Election. and so on. It was eventful. I get to travel to NYC often but this time I extended my trip to attend the class at Stern-NYU.

I was hoping to find an eBook device. I read occasionally. Maybe 7-8 books if I have time. However, accessing certain books at the local book store can be painful. Downloading a book at one snap is a definitely compelling value proposition.

So, I was testing out top of the line mini tablets on the fleet. Kindle, Nexus 7, and iPad Mini were on my test-run list. Usual suspects! Their form factors were great and they offered their own attributes. I personally liked iPad Mini best. That was most comfortable to carry around with its thinnest uni-body design. Though, ultra network-ability over 3G/4G network with a reasonable price tag, Nexus 7 (the new one with HSPA+) looked outstanding. I’ve also invested quite a bit on the Android universe, so it should be easy to migrate. Kindle Paper-white was stress-free and easy on eyes. Superb battery life is a big plus, too. However, I just don’t get it this e-ink device with flickering whenever I switch between pages. It is my personal opinion.

So, did I buy it? Not yet.

5th Ave Apple Store in New York opens 24 hours. Yeah, 24 hours! This city never sleeps. I myself came to this store once again before my early morning flight. I just decided to stick to my Kindle application on my ASUS laptop. However, if LTE-version iPad Mini is widely available on my carriers in Korea and the U.S. I probably get one, too. Tablet without 3G/4G looks dull to me. If I have to get on hot-spot every single time to use my tablets, that’s a pain. I probably stick to my light-weight notebook PC for a while. Yeah, I’m still quite old school. But, ASUS makes pretty good stuff. I love this 11 hour battery power with lowest energy consumption-ever. By the way, ASUS makes Nexus 7, too, which is pleasant to find out their product extensions from cheap netbook to mass-market appealing solid Android tablet.

Well, no iPad Mini on my hand yet, but you know what? Hot dog was great. There were several carts outside of 5th Ave. Apple Store. They also open 24 hours for late night shoppers like me. Well, good exchange.

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