How to cope with “incredible challenge”?

“Incredible Challenge” is one of most popular and long-running reality shows in Korea. 6 gentlemen who run on the show are already well-known (but naughty and goofy) celebrities. What they do on the show is that they try out a new mission from posing for new year’s photo calendars to mimicking professional wrestling. Certain mission is easy (and short) enough to conclude during one day episode. Though, some other missions require quite amount of time and lessons to get familiar with the mission and practice for the real show.

This morning, I was watching “Incredible Challenge” re-run special episode celebrating its 200th sequel showing one of best moments of this show. People run on this show are celebrities, but most of them are comedians or TV show hosts. Also, they do not look athletic. They are just normal Mr. Do’s who you can see in you neighborhood. Though, some of missions they carry are truly incredible. For example, if they are given mission of doing Bobsleigh, they just go and learn in a week or so and have to do it. They tried Tango dance, modern band, and WWF-style wrestling under huge time pressure. At least, they managed to finish their missions with bit of professional coaching. However, they are busy celebrities lacking even time to sleep. They cannot commit entire time schedule to figure out and do their missions. Though, at the end of day, we could see from their faces what it feels like getting done “almost impossible” missions-often times, very physically demanding and time consuming for total beginners like them.

I thought “Incredible Challenge” depicts some of early entrepreneurs in Korea after Korean War who never had enough resource, money, and also knowledge of what they were doing in business. Though, they figured out, found right people to work with, and eventually created huge value back to society. Everyone might have said things they were doing impossible or they were not capable. Though, they believed in themselves and they made it. Maybe, someone might say time was on their sides. Though, the truth is that they had no fear for incredible challenges no matter how big challenges were. They are real giants of modern day history.

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