VC work is like talents management

It’s a short tweet before I wrap up this week. Like I posted an article earlier, I’m in discussion with media & promotion agency for privately-held VC forum in Seoul. VC’s venture formation process is somewhat similar with what talents management firm does. Putting huge efforts to make products known and usable to wider range of customer base is one of big VC activities. Attracting investors and winning loyalty in the public market is a rigorous process, but it is a must-do to make our investment more fruitful.

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Non-government sponsored VC forum in Korea

I’m briefly attending private VC forum at Westin Chosun today, that is organized by theBell. It’s good that non-gov sponsored event like this. It has much more intimate climate for investors to discuss current issues in Korean VC market. Topics that are covered here include SPAC as an alternative exit route and Korean version of claw-back term and its pro-and-con’s. Bonchun Koo at LB Investment nicely covered quite critical issue on claw-back. Good work!

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