Recap of Midas List Forbes 2013

Good friend, TrueBridge folks, helped the team Forbes to create this fascinating “who’s who in the VC industry 2013 list.” It might be little outdated but it is worthwhile to mention it. It is not different from what we see and hear from the street.
Forbes Midas List 2013


Talent Agency

VC industry resembles entertainment industry. That is why Andreessen Horowitz, a prominent Silicon Valley VC firm, models Itself after CAA, a Hollywood talent agency. Talent agency’s influence has grown so much. Without it, it is hard to cut any deal. Recruited, trained, and promoted by a prominent talent agency means a lot. Once unknown turns to be a super star overnight. Fast Track Asia, K-Cube Ventures, and BonAngels are influential angel & seed investors in Korea with the look-and-feel of “talent search” firm in the technology industry. Though, we’d like to see more complete “promotion” machine to make their “already hot” start-ups even hotter.