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June 14, 2018

Lars Fæste, a senior partner based in BCG Copenhagen Office reported the 5 traits of transformative CEOs as below.

1. They take decisive action quickly and launch formal transformation programs.

2. They unlock immediate gains to fund the journey and tell their story in the market.

3. They include a clear second chapter in the transformation to boost growth.

4. They are willing to make changes to their team.

5. They commit to long-term transformation programs with sufficient scope and scale.

(Source: BCG)


Bas Beerens @ WeTransfer

May 15, 2018


Bas Beerens is a Dutch founder of WeTransfer. It has recently raised its very first round of capital from Highland for $25M. WeTransfer is a cult version of Dropbox. Very easy and stress-free to get it done what it is supposed to do, “transferring a file.”

I totally like it as WeTrasnsfer is a total bootstrapper which never needed massive investment until it has hit its profitability. Creative minds always do help to make our world a better place.

Now, a new professional CEO Gordon Willoughby is in the game and we will see how this guy will turn this already super-popular file transfer tool to be a de facto standard.

Silicon Hoodie

November 11, 2015

Is there any common aspect between Silicon Valley and Paris? 

It can be great life style, love for food, and you name it.  I hate people looking down someone ‘comfortably’ dressed down.  Silicon Valley is packed with people with passion for entrepreneurship and innovation.  Paris is packed with people with rigor for perfection and beauty.  Both looks for ‘newness’ and continue putting a lot of efforts to create something more valuable.  Both touches human desire.

Tech and fashion is a growing trend.  Tech has already become an importance piece of life style.  Fashion is trendy but it has been with us in many different forms.  Mixing between two would create quite fascinating outcome.  Then, my next question would be how I should put together these two segregated worlds?  Where is the hot place for fashion and tech innovation?  Other than London, which city is partaking this rapid trend combining fashion and tech?

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Recap of Midas List Forbes 2013

February 4, 2014

Good friend, TrueBridge folks, helped the team Forbes to create this fascinating “who’s who in the VC industry 2013 list.” It might be little outdated but it is worthwhile to mention it. It is not different from what we see and hear from the street.
Forbes Midas List 2013

Talent Agency

February 3, 2014

VC industry resembles entertainment industry. That is why Andreessen Horowitz, a prominent Silicon Valley VC firm, models Itself after CAA, a Hollywood talent agency. Talent agency’s influence has grown so much. Without it, it is hard to cut any deal. Recruited, trained, and promoted by a prominent talent agency means a lot. Once unknown turns to be a super star overnight. Fast Track Asia, K-Cube Ventures, and BonAngels are influential angel & seed investors in Korea with the look-and-feel of “talent search” firm in the technology industry. Though, we’d like to see more complete “promotion” machine to make their “already hot” start-ups even hotter.