Silicon Hoodie

Is there any common aspect between Silicon Valley and Paris? 

It can be great life style, love for food, and you name it.  I hate people looking down someone ‘comfortably’ dressed down.  Silicon Valley is packed with people with passion for entrepreneurship and innovation.  Paris is packed with people with rigor for perfection and beauty.  Both looks for ‘newness’ and continue putting a lot of efforts to create something more valuable.  Both touches human desire.

Tech and fashion is a growing trend.  Tech has already become an importance piece of life style.  Fashion is trendy but it has been with us in many different forms.  Mixing between two would create quite fascinating outcome.  Then, my next question would be how I should put together these two segregated worlds?  Where is the hot place for fashion and tech innovation?  Other than London, which city is partaking this rapid trend combining fashion and tech?

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