First thing in the morning

Story 1. Literally every church in Korea has dawn prayer meeting. Service time varies. Though, members of prayer meeting gather as early as 4:30~5:00 A.M. in every morning. Members even come from a bit of distance if they want to serve at their home church. Some folks may do it at home by watching live Internet streaming video or having a personal quiet time if they can’t commute.

Story 2. My grandfather rose up from poverty to entrepreneurial success building a large energy & utility conglomerate. I often noticed that he retreated to his library in the early evening even if there was family gathering. He went to bed around 8:00~9:00 P.M. and woke up at 4:00 A.M. We knew he was working hard during the day and we were not bothering him after he muted for rest. His early rising routine continued until he was weakened from terminal illness. This habit was common for other successful entrepreneurs in his era.

Like two examples above, hard work is what defines Korean who has rapidly built a wealthy nation from scratch within 60 years after mass devastation of the Korean War. Being a morning person was a leading chariot of personal and national success. Getting up early is a good way to show commitment to your success. Doing important things first in the morning help stay focused and achieve your goal. Early morning is fresh and productive. No one would touch it. You can maximize your productivity. Depending on how you wisely utilize extra few hours in the morning, your day can be crystallized. Therefore, I often encourage entrepreneurs who I work with to start a day early.

Being an early riser, many social events in the evening can be abandoned. Creative minds and geeky developers love their leisurely late evening. If you are up and running since early in the morning, but feel dull and tired throughout the day, you’d better check whether you have quality sleep pattern. If you use your entire morning to check up emails, SNS updates, or gossips on the Internet, you’d better sleep in. 3-4 extra hours before you hit the office in the morning is quality moment to architect your plan and make detail touch on how to improve it.

Modern day venturing process requires a lot of team work. Clear entrepreneurial direction crafted from your solitary moment is a key driving force. You will see the difference and you should be ready to shoot the core issues. If you have entrepreneurial idea you’re super excited with, get up early and try it for good.


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