Get real!

It has been almost two months since we made last post. As many of you know, I’ve slowed down my travel mainly because of a newly born baby in February. Though, there was a huge backlog of meeting schedules and prior commitments that I had to follow up. So, I took few trips in the past two months which constantly made me on the road again. Why am I traveling so much? It is part of our conviction: building strong Korea-US cross border ventures and also part of our VC business: building new relationship to make our new investment practice moving forward. It’s been productive. I’m glad to be back in Seoul even if it is in the middle of steamy hot summer and humid monsoon season here.

Even if we don’t live in the Age of Discovery, that only select people had an opportunity to explore around the world, traveling around the world often inspires me and gives abundant new idea and discovery. I get to see what people consume on the other side of planet. I get to see what people are thrilled with. Something can be small here but same thing can be big somewhere else.

Our planet gets smaller and more accessible through fast mass transportation system and social media on the net. Though, at the same time, there is a part that we cannot fully capture unless we go there and live in. I grab big idea from people at the conference venue or large corporate office in the big city like Manhattan. I often hear more interesting things from people who I meet and make a small chat in the transit or local book store.

Maybe it’s time to turn off your iPad or maybe few days off from your FaceBook or Twitter accounts. You may pack a little bag for 2-3 days load with a few books (not on Kindle) and just go somewhere. Life is beyond our words and our identities on the net. What if we are not consuming, but in fact, are consumed by those new technologies and we lose our touches on real life? Get real and talk to people who you’ve never talked before. You will be surprised how rewarding those humane contacts with people can be.


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