Good news to share

My wife just delivered healthy baby girl. We put many hope and best wishes on this little one. I find many similarities between venturing a new company and baby-sitting. They need constant attention. They are fragile. They need responsible and caring parents (or founders.) One more important aspect, though, is a pregnant period (or preparation period.) Young starters often jump right into the project from conception to commercial period without too much thinking. They think it’s cool that way. I also admire those young ones with great energy and focus resulting in another great innovation. Though, most of businesses, even a small one, have better chance to reach their goal if planned and crafted carefully. We often forget why God gives us 40-week long pregnant period when we’re urged to see a new baby. It’s same case to you, Mr. entrepreneur. If you turn your intuition from day one to incorporation to day two, what are you really thinking?

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