Bad news can be also good

PR consultants have become clever. Business in consumer space takes a serious look into every news about its business. PR managers are even tempted to use bad news to increase awareness of their business. Apple has done it during its rigorous iPhone 4 launching. What about all these celebrities who are secretly in love, getting married, or divorced all of sudden when they have major film deals? So-called “noise marketing” can be an effective promotion tool as long as it gets attention. Read daily news between lines, please.

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VC work is like talents management

It’s a short tweet before I wrap up this week. Like I posted an article earlier, I’m in discussion with media & promotion agency for privately-held VC forum in Seoul. VC’s venture formation process is somewhat similar with what talents management firm does. Putting huge efforts to make products known and usable to wider range of customer base is one of big VC activities. Attracting investors and winning loyalty in the public market is a rigorous process, but it is a must-do to make our investment more fruitful.

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Let other people shout out for you

One of Apple’s great marketing strategies is to make everyone shout for Apple. Under excellent orchestration of product management, promotion, and distribution, Apple makes every media, manufacturer, mobile operator & telecom company, and most importantly audience dances and shouts out-loud for its new products. When everyone marches together, no one easily beats it. All these media and personal blogs relentlessly write about Apple-saga. It’s definitely something beyond magic.

Bill Evans of Twitter has shown up great talents to attract huge media attention early on. Google, Facebook, Linden Lab also has done it. To say few words on Twitter, 140 character micro-blog is something that everyone can think of. Though, it’s a different story when Bill and his team define each step of Twittering very seamlessly adapting to our lives (as simple as email or sms) but very addictive. Tweet (simple but catchy few words) and Follower concepts are just fascinating. Twitter has its buzz, presence, and loyal followers.

Tangible products sales, apps, buzz, and real everyday-usage that Apple has achieved is still very rare combination, but proven to be very successful. Google now wants to move its steps faster to conquer mobile and TV space. Though, I hope Google can really move everyone’s heart so that it can receive many audiences who voluntarily shout out-loud for it.

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