Religions on the new media platform

Thanks to kind invitation from my aunt who is working in the fashion industry, I had an opportunity to mingle with thought-provoking Christian leaders fairly recently. Like venture capitalists get heavily involved with entrepreneurs and seed new ventures, these Christian leaders are working hard to touch individual souls and planting new churches throughout the globe.

There are a number of active young churches that have grabbed many youngsters’ attention and accessed untapped demographics that traditional churches haven’t effectively reached out yet. Hillsong, Vineyard, or New Song Churches are good examples to name a few. Those ministries have hip atmosphere at their regular services. Pastors are extremely casual in their styles and their messages are simple. Music is quite contemporary. Though, these pastors are good at delivering evangelical messages to the post-modern young generation.

What I’ve been surprised and also fascinated is that those church leaders are highly literate of all these new and cool media platforms that are available in the market. They’ve been very proactive acquiring new media platforms and using them for their ministries. Members at the church regularly meet and many of them are connected with other colleagues 24×7 through these social networking platforms. Pastors often emphasizes on radical transformation in life and their messages are aligned with this purpose.

Their messages can now widely and quickly spread-out via cutting edge new media platforms. Members of church can also easily find out small supporting groups where they find more mutual friendships where they can spiritually grow. These off-line or online supporting groups can give members a chance to receive timely prayer supports and to share their lives to become better Christians.

Now, these young Christian leaders mobilize their efforts leveraging social media platforms to create more bigger spectrum of influence. Geographical limitation is not a big obstacle anymore although local presence is an extremely important piece of success of their ministries. Often, I find people who are attending existing local churches but also actively check in those young and hip churches that have huge presences on the new media platforms. It would be very interesting to continue to observe how these ministries evolve and create wider range of influence in the age of new social media.

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