If you were in my shoes…

This morning, story of Jun Beom-suk, M.D., a famous neurologist, caught my attention. Dr. Jun was casually hiking up the mountain when he fell and lost his consciousness. Next morning, what he found was the man who only could move his left toe from paralysis because he broke his neck. He was a medical expert and knew what stats talk about his chance of being recovered. Within just three days after long operation, he stepped up to take all the initiatives to recoup his remaining sense and capability of moving his body. After 9 months of long and blood-pumping efforts to rehab, he is now back in his office, leading up top neurologists at Seoul Nat’l Univ. What he learned from this experience was how vaguely he knew about his patients’ pain and how important to keep hope to get recovered even if there is only 5% of chance.

Sometimes, being in others’ shoes is the best way to learn. How often do we come across those people who speak up even if they have never been to and never gotten proper experience before. If you’d like to find a more productive support from the VC community, please, find a VC guy who has done a full cycle of getting companies to be started.

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Can you count your days?

If we live up to the age of 80, we have about 30,000 days (more precisely 29,220 days.) If we could work for 50 years, that counts about 18,000 days (more precisely 18,262.5 days.) No one really knows when he dies. So, how many days you can spend on something you highly value or love to do is still uncertain. Time is most valuable resource and it won’t come back. That’s why old wisdom always emphasize on importance of using time wisely and setting priority. Someone told me that priority can’t be plural (like priorities.) Priority has to be always one most important thing in your life. @ Jin-won, thanks for sharing great thought the other day!

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@ Mama’s – best sandwitch shop in Seoul

As a tech investor, I won’t look into any opportunity in retail. However, I personally adore those entrepreneurs who can differentiate their business establishment from already super-crowded restaurant and hospitality business by and large.

Mama’s is a local eatery specialized in organic sandwiches, salad, and “real” fruit squeezer. I’m writing a short note here at its City Hall branch behind of Seoul Finance Center. I would say that Mama’s has best sandwiches in entire Seoul. Never miss out its fruit squeezer because it tastes like heaven.

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Bad news can be also good

PR consultants have become clever. Business in consumer space takes a serious look into every news about its business. PR managers are even tempted to use bad news to increase awareness of their business. Apple has done it during its rigorous iPhone 4 launching. What about all these celebrities who are secretly in love, getting married, or divorced all of sudden when they have major film deals? So-called “noise marketing” can be an effective promotion tool as long as it gets attention. Read daily news between lines, please.

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Extending your visibility

Running a startup company is like a continuous effort to extend your visibility. When you first start your business, you don’t know what’s going to happen to your business even tomorrow. Raising capital or achieving significant milestone may extend your business lifespan for some time. Put your entire efforts for today with a wish that you will have longer visibility for tomorrow.

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