New Year’s Resolution

Dear all:

It was great privilege to be spend last 4 months at Yale campus as a Yale World Fellow. All incoming 2013 cohort was truly incredible. They were colorful people and they were meant to be different. There were lots of stories to be told to inspire and get inspired. Now, I am happily back in my Seoul office gearing toward for a new year. It is also great to be joined by family and friends during holidays. I wish all the best to you all.

I have picked up few key words as part of my new year’s resolution. Relationship, fitness, and influence are top three key words that I doodled on my notepad this morning. More detail plans would be shared but if I highlight what they mean here briefly:

  • Relationship: I highly value relationship that has enabled me to grow and do great things. As a network of entrepreneurs, technologists, and many other interesting people who do interesting stuffs is growing, I would focus on strengthening those relationships and building strong common ground.
  • Fitness: It includes both mental and physical fitness. Practice makes perfection. It is always good to be lean and agile. Fitness also means to me insight to create a right fit between numerous people and projects.
  • Influence: Doing interesting things is not enough to me. I hope to build strong social impact. Venture start-up is sustainable only if it makes positive change into many lives around the world. I will try to discern and wisely invest my time and resource for idea and people who have great potential to change the world.

I plan to describe a couple of new initiatives and share what I hear from the market lately shortly. In the mean time, happy new year to you all and make your new wishes come true!

Thank you.

Daniel Shin


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