Noteworthy Business

Journalist at the major news media often catches hot business idea early on. Journalist puts up his radar high to identify cutting-edge news source anytime and anywhere. It is always a journalist’s job to deliver impact news. We live in the world with enormous supply of innovation and great new things. Sometimes, that is why innovation does not feel like innovation anymore. To get journalist’s attention, business has to standout as search for eye-catching news will never end.

Major news media would not cover everything. People love to hear about business with a clear character and story to tell. Furthermore, start-up has to have noteworthy business milestone to show in order to attract journalist’s coverage. Though, to standout among thousands news feed is going to be tough. For example, if you sit in front of professional news syndicate terminal like Thomson Reuters or just any other online news channel, you see all different sorts of news feeds rapidly flow down to the bottom. Business news release is quite overwhelming. To be noteworthy, especially, in the start-up world, is getting tougher.

Noteworthy business idea may grow to be a business-worthy start-up. Eventually, some of them may become investment-worthy business. Many great business idea often follow this 3 step approach.

First, find a way to make your business to be noteworthy in the major news media. Imagine that your company would be on the New York Times someday. What story would you tell?

Second, prove that your business has a solid business logic creating profit. If your business is exciting, but only a few people open their wallets, it is not going to be business-worthy.

Third, build momentum and make a way to rapidly scale up your business. That’s how to make your business attractive to many different investors.

Noble Ambition


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