Creative people @ creative venue

Building a venture business is a creative process. Either getting into a new market or competing with large gorilla, you get to be creative. You have to know where to nail. You have to turn things fast and furious. You have to creatively engage with people and partners. If you don’t enjoy starting something from scratch, you may not be a right entrepreneur material.

Creative work often starts at a creative space. It can be your small den or garage. It can be a corner side bakery where you can find high dose of caffeine. Wherever you get to find productive is a good place to start with. Though, finding a creative venue keeps your creative energy arousing. It can be a MIT Media Lab or IDEO-ish business incubation center. It can be a place where lots of entrepreneur socialize and gather and talk. I won’t urge you to pick on their brain but if you come across with those people in and out and you have a small talk. Eventually small talks can be a more serious talk just like you spot somebody and eventually date.

Sitting in a small cubicle or small rent-out office is a great idea to organize your thoughts and develop business plan. Though, getting to know people with full of creativeness and sharing entrepreneurial passion will make your move a lot smoother. If you feel like hitting on the wall, get out and talk to people.

Creative people @ creative venue
Creative people @ creative venue

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