Bad news can be also good

PR consultants have become clever. Business in consumer space takes a serious look into every news about its business. PR managers are even tempted to use bad news to increase awareness of their business. Apple has done it during its rigorous iPhone 4 launching. What about all these celebrities who are secretly in love, getting married, or divorced all of sudden when they have major film deals? So-called “noise marketing” can be an effective promotion tool as long as it gets attention. Read daily news between lines, please.

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Extending your visibility

Running a startup company is like a continuous effort to extend your visibility. When you first start your business, you don’t know what’s going to happen to your business even tomorrow. Raising capital or achieving significant milestone may extend your business lifespan for some time. Put your entire efforts for today with a wish that you will have longer visibility for tomorrow.

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Young entrepreneur’s advantage

젊다는 것은 큰 자산이다. 젊은이는 무한한 상상력의 바다에서 헤엄칠 수 있는 자유가 있다. 숱한 시행 착오를 겪더라도 “젊다”는 이유로 오늘의 실수도 별 처럼 빛나는 “패기와 열정”으로 해석될 수 있다. 그렇기 때문에 젊음은 가장 큰 축복이고 모두에게 주어진 공평한 기회이다.

젊은 창업자는 실패해도 좋다. 하지만 장기적으로는 그 실패를 토대로 성공할 가능성이 한층 더 높아진다. 왜냐하면 일찍 시작했기 때문에 그만큼 다른 사람들도 30-40대가 되어 사업을 시작 할 때 겪을 고민을 이미 다 겪었기 때문이다.

젊은 창업자는 무모해도 좋다. 젊은 사람들은 이상적인 상황을 꿈꾼다. 그리고 그 이상을 실현하기 위한 아이디어가 끊임없이 샘솟는다. 무엇보다도 젊은이는 “행동하는 사람”이다. 30-40대 직장 생활하시는 분들께 물어보라. 얼마나 좋은 생각들이 빛을 발하지 못하고 (즉, 실행에 옮겨 지지 못하고) 그들의 작은 큐비클에서 사라지고 있는지…

경륜이 부족하다. 인맥이 부족하다. 모아 놓은 seed money가 없다. 이 모든 것들은 당신의 “젊음”을 질투하는 사람들이 만들어 낸 말이다. 젊은 시절, 남들이 가보지 못한 길을 가보는 것, 기업가 정신을 발휘하여 새로운 사업을 실행에 옮긴다는 것은 참으로 값진 일이다.

젊다는 것은 큰 자산이다. 그 자원을 선용할지 아니면 사용하지 않고 없어지는 것을 목도하고 있을지는 당신의 선택이다.

(Wrote for the V-Forum online community, August 2010)

@ V-Forum

I participated in V-Forum today, that was organized by my partner, Dr. Intak Bae. V-Forum was recently launched for entrepreneurial students and alumni of Seoul Nat’l University and KAIST, known to be top schools in Korea, and other leading universities. Patent attorney Dong-lee Kim gave thorough overview on patent strategy for start-up ventures. Also, Jisan Edu (in business education) presented at the forum today. @ Good work, Intak!

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73 things that I want to accomplish

Recent visit to a local bookstore, I’ve picked up an interesting book to skim through. Suyoung Kim who currently works at Shell in the U.K. has had a quite dramatic life. She didn’t take so-called traditional route to get where she is now at.

She went to vocational high school, and won a famous TV quiz show for high schooler. She made it to Goldman Sachs after she went to Yonsei University, one of most prestigious private colleges in Korea. Though, she had to quit due to cancer. Though, what brought her back to a fast moving life again was her “73 goal list.” Some goals looked quite funny but many of them were very truthful and also achievable if she were consistently putting efforts.

Having a clear goal helps you to get on track and focus. Entrepreneur is often surrounded with many different tasks. If you live on a clear goal, chance of achieving more would definitely increase. It may sound odd, but often times, some entrepreneurs don’t even know what they talk about. Razor-sharp focus on your personal and corporate goals would take you to the next level of building great venture.