Cloud sourcing can be an answer?

KT (Korea Telecom) has recently announced that it would enact “Smart Work” policy. Using its ubiquitous network infrastructure, KT now lets its employees work on their own time schedules and at their most preferred locations.

Remote office concept is quite common for large multinational companies, but it’s still untested idea for most Asian countries. Corporate Asia still highly values in-house collaboration. Corporate hierarchy encourages lower ranking team members to interact with their boss face-to-face. We will see whether it’s going to be one time event or frontier-ish business decision of a mammoth Korean telecom company.

One area I’ve been quite fascinated lately is “cloud sourcing” application in the corporate world. Every major project can be disassembled to small tasks. What if a corporate finds a way to delegate non-core activities to more intelligent and skillful “micro contractors” at a fraction of costs to maintain full-time employees or part-timers in-house. What about those busy working professionals who get paid for their time commitments? In order to maximize their profit level, both efficient resource planning and time management is a key to success.

I look forward to seeing a connecting point between people who can provide labor and people who can provide so-called “micro jobs.” Don’t we spend almost half of life to do something that make your living anyways?

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