Early Adopter’s Heaven: Strong Media Influence


Korea is a land of great innovation. Korea is also known to be one of greatest test-beds for new technologies and consumer products. There are many new comers here and there with great innovations, but the market is hugely influenced by consumer web communities like DC-INSIDE (http://www.dcinside.com/) or EarlyAdopter.co.kr (http://www.earlyadopter.co.kr/)


There are over 800 million postings on the DC-INSIDE and it is well-known for active user communication through its web bulletin board. Chainless short comments from random members on any posting is attracting more users and also giving valuable customer insights back to its users. (Let’s get rid of bells and whitsles. It’s just fun to visit and read whatever people comment.)

Consumer-driven communities are continuously evolving in Korea and they are making strong-er impact than ever on consumer behavior and purchase decision and it is building huge media power capturing ads and media sponsorships from major corporations like other Web 2.0 companies. People are rarely distracted by sponsored-ads, though, due to straight-forward conversations among users that often filter out blind promotions or sales pitches. Anyhow, if you want to meet up with first-hand opinions of new gadgets and consumer electronics, just come and search through widely open online communities. That’s where you can find real innovation and insightful consumer feedbacks.


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